Apr 01 2020

COVID impact on Crossroads Veterinary Clinic

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, strong public measures have been enacted to reduce the spread of this disease. Our world has been literally turned upside down. The freedom to move, stocked shelves of toilet paper and access to our favorite restaurants have all changed. The profound impact on our day to day activities requires careful consideration to balance between providing veterinary care and being socially responsible from a COVID-19 standpoint.
We cannot function in a “business as usual” manner. If we do not adhere to the orders handed down by the state and federal government we will not be able to remain open to care for your pets. Trust me when I say that this change in how we provide our services is not easy for us either. The goal of restricting services is to ensure that we will have the resources in both our staff and needed medical supplies to continue to provide essential veterinary care for the duration of this unprecedented event. We must be vigilant with the medical supplies we use so we leave as much as possible available for our human counterparts to care for their patients as well.
Please do not be personally offended when our staff has to tell you we cannot provide certain services at this time. Per Governor Evers’ orders we are allowed to provide “essential services”. Essential procedures include those required to alleviate animal pain and suffering, to prevent imminent threat of death of the animal and matters pertaining to public health (e.g. vaccination against rabies). In providing these services consideration must be given to the supply availability as well as the ability of the clinic to practice appropriate social distancing during the performance of these services.
We are allowed to continue to provide prescription food and medication refills provided we maintain adequate social distancing. Annual Wellness exams are NOT considered essential and should be postponed. Pets that are in the middle of their vaccine series should complete the series. Vaccinations other than Rabies in pets that have completed their initial series of vaccines is NOT considered essential and should be postponed. Annual heartworm testing is NOT essential and can wait until we get to the other side. If your pet is due for its heartworm test and you are out of preventative please give us a call. In some situations we are allowed to extend medications beyond their typical 1 year timeframe. If you need refills on flea/tick medications please give us a call. If you have a routine urine or stool sample to drop off please call ahead so we know to expect you.
If anyone in your house is ill please inform us of this when calling the clinic. We will need to take additional protective measures if it is necessary for your pet to be seen or you need to pick up food or medications or to drop off a sample.
In conclusion it is important for you to know we will be here as long as we are able to continue safely providing veterinary care. In order for life to begin to return to normal we must all work together to prevent the spread of this virus wherever possible.

If that presents a problem please contact us and we will try to work something out.

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